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IP 4 Strategy Implementation


Assignment topic: IP 4 Strategy Implementation

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Assignment Details Assignment Description Step 1: Assess the Company’s Human Resources Competitive Position Leveraging the work completed in the Individual Assignments for Units 2 and 3, assess the company’s human resources competitive position. Be sure to evaluate the company’s position within the industry and among its comparator group. Step 2: Identify and Evaluate Human Resources Risks and Opportunities Leveraging the work completed in the Individual Assignment for Units 1–3, identify and evaluate the company’s human resources risks and opportunities. At least 3 risks and 3 opportunities should be included in your evaluation. Step 3: Assessment of the Company’s Human Resources Competitive Position Based on analysis of information obtained in Steps 1–3, prepare a professionally written report assessing the assessment of the company’s human resources competitive position, risks, and opportunities suitable for presentation to the senior executives of the company. Your report should present the information listed below. The body of the report should be 8–10 pages excluding title, references page(s), and any appendices. Industry Competitive Position Comparator Group Competitive Position Human Resources Risks (minimum of 3) Description Analysis Human Resources Opportunities (minimum of 3) Description Analysis Overall Assessment of the Company’s Human Resources Competitive Position


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Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures and markets consumer electronics, computers software and personal computers globally. The company produces products that allow consumers to have a variety of products to ensure their satisfaction. The company best-known hardware products include the iPhone, iPad and iPod. In the line of software, the company has Mac, OS X operating system. Apple Inc. mission is to bring the best computing products which support educators, designers, scientist, engineers, business people and students all over the world. The vision of the company is to make significant and innovative products that are user friendly and meets the required standards (“Apple Inc company report,” n.d.). Apple Inc. experienced competition from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo and Huawei. The rapid changing world of business has created a steady pressure which requires the adoption of new methods and practices to ensure survival. In this case, human resource practices, processes and techniques is a crucial approach to maintain healthy competition in the business markets. The strategies the human resource management used to hire the employees and reduce employee turnover provide an upper hand in the competitive market.

Industry competitive position

Apple Inc. human resource competitive position is achieved through acts of innovation. The human resource department of the organization approach innovation in its broadest sense, including the adoption of new technologies of management and new ways of doing things. The human resource management competitive advantage is achieved through new methods of conducting training, new methods of motivating and encouraging employees, modern method of doing the recruitment and selection process.

In many occasions, the success of a company is associated with a strategic location and incredible manufacturing capability. However, human resource strategy has been the reason for the company to stand out and achieve success in the world. Great talents and exceptional talent management personnel and approaches are considered to be the reasons why Apple Inc. has gained success in the production and marketing of various electronic products. The human resource Personnel in Apple. Inc. possess significant strategy tools which promote and enhance their management of the workforce within the incorporation. Some of the tools which human resource management use include: competency-based human resource management, measuring of the return on investment of training, communication skills, developing leadership skills, emotional intelligence and diagnosing organizational effectiveness (Sanders & Lin, 2016).

The main task of the human resource management in an organization is recruiting and selection of the workforce. The competence and experience of human resource management ensure that the process of recruitment and selection is carried out transparently and credibly. Recruiting is the primary source of success in Apple. Recruitment is the process through which the human resource identifies, attracts, interviews selects and hires employees. The Apple Inc., human resource management team, is equipped with knowledge and skills to hire the best workforce. Apple is known to recruit high-quality workers from other firms. The selection process of the workforce is conducted through examination, observation and analyzing the previous employer of the potential employee. The human resource management strategies used in Apple ensure that the company maintains its competitive nature even in utilizing the best workforce, which is dedicated to achieving the organizational goals and objectives.

The human resource management team in Apple Inc. utilizes the best methods to train the newly selected employees to polish their skills and refresh their experiences. The management team carries out an analysis of the return on investment in training to ensure maximum utilization of resources within the organization. In most occasion, Apple Inc. has been recruiting and selecting employees from other competing firms; therefore, the cost of training is relatively reduced as the employees have appropriate skills and experience (Sanders & Lin, 2016). The training program used by the management is different from other firms in that the newly employed workforce is allowed to run from others within the firm as they continue with production. The self-training and development program minimizes the time wastage, therefore, ensuring production and creativity of the workforce.

In Apple Inc., the human resource management team promotes the performance and productivity of the workforce by developing employee reward and motivation programs. The competent human resource management team observes, records and analysis individual employee performance to reward the employees based on their performance (Sanders & Lin, 2016). The reward program is used to motivate the employees to ensure that the employee has a positive perception which increases their morale. A motivated employee performs duties with a passion which increases the overall organization productivity. Through rewarding the efforts, employee turnover rate is significantly reduced, which ensure that the Apple Inc. does not waste resources recruiting and selecting new employees. The reduced turnover rate ensures that the performance and productivity of the organization are high as the workforce understands the processes, mission, vision and goals of the organization.

Comparator group competitive

Apple Inc. competitive position is determined by the company reputation, financial results and the market share. The competitive position refers to the place of the company, its products and services on a widely understood market. Comparator group competitive position of Apple Inc. helps to know where the products and the services offered by the organization lie in the market compared to other firms in the same industry (Budnikas, 2011).

As a company of research and development that produces high-tech products, Apple Inc. has created an excellent reputation with its customer considering the superiority of the products in the market. Most of the Apple Inc. products have proved to be superior in terms of customer satisfaction and cost. Apple is known to treat innovation as a source of survival and development of business at the beginning stage leading to penetration and incorporation of this idea into the corporate culture (Vogelezang & Heeringen, 2019). The idea has significantly made Apple’s products unique, enabling the company to lead in the production of quality and unique products, for example, Macintosh computer, iPhone and IPad. Apple has grasped the all then requirement of the consumers and matched them to produce luxurious, impeccable and technologically fashionable products which have seen the organization achieve a good reputation.

In the personal computer market, Apple’s performance has been hindered by the high cost of its brands compared to the other brands in the market. For example, in the year 2019, Hp Inc. shipped a total of 13810 pieces compared to Apple’s 4,157 pieces. The computer pricing is also another problem when it comes to Apple computers which are challenging to beat HP. For just $350 one can get a laptop that has DVD/CD-RW drive, $GB DDR3 SDRAM with a 17.3-inch wide display. Generally, these are the basic feature which consumers look for during purchasing of a computer. It is difficult to find customer use $1000 to purchase a Mac that has the same features as the cheap HP. However, despite the higher prices, Apple computers received a rating better than average score. The higher prices make customers choose other cheap computers (Nagamia, 2015).

When looking at the financial state of Apple Inc. for the last three years, the annual revenue for 2017 was $229.234B, which showed a 6.3 per cent increase from the previous year. In the year 2018, annual revenue recorded was $265.5595B resulting in a 15.86 per cent increase from the p0revious year. For the year 2019, the annual revenue recorded was $260.174B, which showed a 2.04 per cent decrease from the previous year (“Apple financial analysis,” n.d.). Dell’s recorded revenue report for the same period was $62.16B for the year 2017, $79.04B for 2018 and $90.62B for 2019. From the above information, Apple Inc. recorded the highest revenue returns compared to other firms in the industry. This report proved Apple to be the wealthiest company in the world.

Apple Inc. has greatly maintained a competitive position in the markets because of the various opportunities which the company has to utilize compared to other firms. Apple Inc. enjoys a variety of experienced and skilled workforce which enables the company to produce unique and fashionable products for the customers. Also, the strategic location of the company enables it to sell most of its products to its customers. Apple is situated in the United States, which is the largest world market for electronics and computers. Another opportunity which Apple has utilized to maintain competitive nature is the ability to notice enter the developing markets before other firms set in, for example, China. Developing markets creates a favourable place to win big and acquire a large market share of the products.

Apart from the opportunities, Apple Inc. experiences threats which limit the company from achieving maximum profits from the markets. Availability of competitors such as HP Inc., DELL, Lenovo and Acer Group which offers their products at lower prices compared to those of Apple Inc., has gained a considerable share of the market limiting the annual revenues for Apple Inc. Another threat to Apple Inc. is the government policy which limits entry to new markets such as China. The non-favourable policies limit the market share for Apple Inc., thus recording low annual revenues.

Huma Resource Risks Description

The current enterprises experience change and a high degree of uncertainty on their day to day management and running of the organizations. The risks associated with human resource management include recruitment failure, employee turnover and casualties of key technical staff members (Weiwei, 2018). The risks associated with human resource affect the normal operation of the company. For example, recruitment failure causes loss of valuable resource within the organization such s money and time. The hiring of the wrong personnel leads to loss of confidence and morale. High employee turnover rate causes low employee morale due to overworking and increased workloads and responsibilities. Employee turnover rate affects the performance and productivity of organizations. Casualties of the key technical staffs cause another risk to human resource management as the company has to uses the money to settle the bills of the employee and hire new employees. The hired employee needs to be trained to execute duties to the optimum.


In Apple Inc. human resource management department, recruitment failure can cost between 50 to 145 per cent of the positions annual salary to carry out proper staff replacement. These costs may include job posting fee and training fee (“Apple human resource management policies,” n.d.). If the employees were a salesperson manager, Apple Inc. might record loss revenue for client lost or sales not made. Failed recruitment can hurt the morale of lower-level employees due to overworking leading to negative attitudes in the workplace.

Employees’ turnover rate and casualties of the key staff member can affect Apple Inc. by incurring expense in replacing the lost employee. The replacement costs can be searching or external labour market to get a possible substitute and formal and informal training of the replaced employee. Employee turnover can result in the loss of experienced staff, which significantly affects the performance and productivity of low-level employees. Employee turnover rate in Apple Inc. will affect the profits of the company. Anything that increases cost and affects productivity reduces profits.

Human Resource Opportunities Description

The opportunities in human resource management involve activities which directly result in the extension of the working lives of the employees. Some of the opportunities which the human management team can exploit to ensure increased performance and productivity of the workforce include the offering of job resources, rewarding and motivating of the employees and training of the employees (Pak et al., 2019; Willmott & Parkinson, 2017). In many organizations, the maximum utilization of resources is not achieved, which results in reduced productivity and performance of the general organization.


Apple Inc. is one of the best companies in the world has been determined to ensure that resources demanded by the employees are provided to facilitate the production and performance of employees. Lack of enough resources within an organization affects the morale of the employee, which leads to reduced productivity and performance. Apple Inc. has offered its employees technologically and ergonomically designed job resources thus improving their confidence and morale in executing tasks.

In Apple Inc., the human resource management team is equipped with the necessary skills and competency to analyze employee performance and to develop a rewarding plan for the employees. Rewarding and motivating of employees is the only way to acknowledge the employees’ efforts in ensuring increased productivity of the organization. A motivated employee will be willing to perform duties and tasks, thus contributing to achieving company mission and goals. Apple Inc. compensates its executives by giving a bonus of 3 to 4 per cent of salary. Apple not only rewards work within the company but also its rewards volunteering (“Apple human resource management policies,” n.d.).

In Apple Inc., the human resource management team provides training to its employees who provide an opportunity for maximum utilization of the employees’ skills and knowledge. Through training, employees gain confidence and motivation in executing tasks. Apple Inc. training program allows for self-initiated training where the employees learn from other employees. Through self-initiated training programs, employees gain creativity in executing tasks. Apple Inc. human resource team also plans annual training programs for the employees, which further leads to the development of skills and knowledge of the employees.

Overall Assessment of Human resource Competitive position.

Apple Inc. competitive position is maintained through the efforts of the human resource management team to ensure good communication skills are utilized within the organization. Apple Inc. uses workforce from different races in the world; therefore, proper communication skills need to be practised to prevent biases of information and data. Through the efforts of the management team, employees practice good communication skills which ensure good relationships among themselves. Quickly understandable information is provided in the proper manner, which leads to the appropriate execution of the task, resulting in increased productivity and performance of the organization.




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